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Classroom structure is a concept in the area of teaching quality and describes how teachers design tasks, share authority and evaluate students progress. The aim of our study was to provide a comprehensive view by investigating the association between classroom structure and several aspects of students functioning.

Our strategies for building community in the classroom

  1. Let students have a voice – Atmosphere of our class room is double sided i.e. students are free to share their knowledge and ask their queries and problems, also teachers co-operate with them. We always try to avoid monotonous teaching by using activity based teaching methodologies.
  • Give daily shout – Outs or compliments when students hear that they are doing well , they are more likely to keep trying to do well and get more shout outs or compliments. Our teachers are organizing a compliments circle regularly to make some one’s day!
  • Work Together towards a shared goal :- A great way to keep the class connected and also give students an incentive to behave is to create a shared goal for the class, based on performance or behavior.

We organize Group learning classes in which we  involve one

Excellent student, two average student and one low achiever in a group, then they  perform well  with the  help of each other.

  • Focus on Gratitude – Focusing on gratitude is perfect way for anyone to re-construct and feel more connected to community, gratitude can be an especially fun way to build community in the classroom.
  • Hold weekly class meetings – A simple but effective way to build classroom community is to hold meeting with class once a week.

These meetings don’t need to be long they can simply provide a way for students and educators to touch base on how everyone is doing.