School APP

The year of establishment of SGVM school 1988, the golden year when the foundation was laid 35 years ago.

It is run by the “Shiksha Avam Samaj Sewa Sanstha” society.

The SGVM was founded by our Honourable Director Mr. Santosh Bagora with a vision to provide quality education with minimum fees for accessibility of education to every student who enters and seeks admission in SGVM.

The core values of SGVM are inculcating Indian ethos, moral ethics, respect, love, and cooperation being the foundation of SGVM School.

We are glad to share with you 35 glorious years of success in this journey of teaching and learning.

SGVM focuses on building careers along with persona.

The roots of SGVM has so matured that the expansion of its educational resources for the students are visible in the campus.

In the upcoming years, we assure to provide much more state-of-the-art to assist our learners to develop into intellectual minds.