School APP

Every school has some policies which is essential that we keep out institution up to date. It is also important to realize that every school is different. They have different needs and their issues. There are some essential policies that every student of SGVM should include.

Attendance Policy

“Missing a lot of class can create huge holes”  that could lead to academic failure. Approx 75% attendance is compulsory as per school norms.

Bullying Policy

The number of  bullying  incidents  continue to increase each year. We have to make bullying prevention and bullying education a top priority. If  we  haven’t got an anti-bullying policy or it hasn’t been updated in several years it is time to address it. SGVM has an anti bullying committee for control it. We give training to our students & teachers of “POSCO” act to aware themselves from bullying.

Cell Phone Policy

Now-a-days school is running with the help of cell phones only in online classes, also helps us to send message, subjective PDF and notices. We can say that it is a boon or crust. From

Other side it increasingly caused more and more problems. It is essential that schools evaluate their cell phones policy and figure out what will work best for their setting.

Respect and Moral Education

Moral education and respect towards others is a soul of humanity. SGVM pays more & more attention towards it. Having a policy in place that education demands mutual respect between

both the students and the faculty have a profound effect on our school.

Student code of conduct

It is a simple list of all the expectations that the school has for the students. The students code of conduct does not need to go into a lot of depth but instead need to be an outline of the things. We feel most important to maximize a student’s learning potential.

Students Discipline

Rule your mind or it will rule you.” Discipline is necessary for students as well as faculty in school campus. It reflects our personality and shows our sacraments.