School APP

It is a long journey of SGVM in which we tried to provide quality education in very economical charges.

First of all we have started with small building and very less strength of students but step by step our institution is promoting on success, due to its hard work and focus on academic and non academic part of our school.

Our Motto is first safety then moral education so we always try to fulfill our motto. We provide the programs, based on safety

 for eg. (a) Safety and First aid                  (b) Safety during traffic (c) Safety from strangers

 We provide Moral Education

for Eg. – Personality development classes conducted by our Honorable Director Sir Mr. Santosh ji Bagora. Also we  give moral boosting classes by our expert faculty.

          We promote our students towards Social and Emotional Skills development by visiting to Orphanage,  Hospital, Old age home, Zoo park etc.

          Our Second Motto is Education Through Active Learning, according to it we focus on Subject Enrichment Activities and Art Integrations Activities. Simultaneously we  focus on academic as well as non-academic part of our school.

          Our Third Motto is Education Through Gratification, it means satisfaction of a desire. As we all know students life is like a wet mud can give it any shape so we are shaping them through gratification.

          Our expert faculty teach on the aim of Concept Clearance, we give deep knowledge to satisfy them. We focus on the logic behind the content which should be fulfilled.

          “Team Garima rocked on the Sculpture Project.”