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For Teacher

– The concept of Garima Vidya Mandir Higher Sec. School is to enhance the teaching quality of school. In-service teacher training programs refer to the short term education modules that have been specially designed for professionals already working as teachers to improve their professional work.

Happy Classrooms

 It is a positive psychology applied to education program designed for students by teachers.

  1. Students must feel safe – A happy classroom is every teacher’s dream. This can be achieved without compromising academic results and the personal growth of our students. We are applying the policies that promote physical, social and emotional security. Our teachers are trying to be firm but fair. Allowing students to have a say inside the classroom and listen to their sentiments.
  2. Students must feel valued – We get to know students as individuals. We need to develop a positive rapport with them. When a student misbehaves we try to talk to him/her in private. Humiliating a student in public will only make things worse.
  3. Students must successful– We must do everything we can, to ensure that students succeed academically as well as non-academically.

Life skills

– Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable us to deal effectively with the demand and challenge of life. This concept is also termed as psychosocial competency.

Essential life skills we are using.

  1. Coping with emotions
  2. Communication skill
  3. Creative thinking
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Decision making skills
  6. Empathy
  7. Interpersonal skills
  8. Problem solving skill

Subject wise teachers training

Shree Garima Vidya Mandir organizes teachers training program every Saturday by Senior Head of department. Teachers gather according to their subject then clear their doubts and concepts by their seniors also learn new and easy teaching skills. Senior teachers give them chance for teaching in this training program also pick the mistakes and improve. This training program named as “Lesson demonstration verification”.

     Special training program is conducting for Primary teacher.

 Eg. :- Teaching through active learning, memory games, Karadi Path methodology.

  1. How to teach online – During Covid-19 pandemic situation, SGVM has given training, designed to help educators for online teaching and support their students online under time constraints.

Programs for students basis on curriculum –

  1. Subject Enrichment Activities
  2. Time Management During Exams
  3. Carrier Counseling and Subject Choice
  4. Personality Development Programs
  5. Market Activity for Maths Concepts.

Subject Enrichment Activities :- Teaching and learning process must be lively, effective and dynamic at blooms. Students learn the subject with love and interest. They exercise this passion by doing various activities which enrich their subject knowledge.

Eg. – Role play, Poem recitation , Public speaking, Story telling, Show and tell, Chart preparation, Model making, Seminar, Debate, Extempore, Creative writing, Quiz, Group discussion, Scrap book etc.

Time Management During Exams – It is a common opinion among students during exams that there is too much to study and there is very little time. This makes time management one of the most important components which directly influence exam stress. Many students misuse the time available during exams, either to avoid studying or by underestimating the effort and time needed in tackling exams.

SGVM is giving training to students to plan their time helps them to think about it strategically. It gives alertness to students for their study plans also it is beneficial to achieve more from having previously defined their tasks and activities.

Career Counseling and Subject Choice – SGVM is providing a genuine career counseling by expert counselors which is essence of right guidance. The process of career counseling involves creating a safe and secure environment, where the students feel ease and able to discuss his/her life and career without any hesitation.

This process is based on a relationship of trust and confidence between the career counselor and students. In order to help him/her, the counselor may sometimes talk about their emotional and developmental issues, which is little stressful. The student and the parent need to place an enormous amount of faith in the counselor to take care of such matters. Here we are showing a true direction to students for their choice and bright future.

Personality Development Programs – Personal development consists of activities that develop the life skills and enhance potential of students, enrich mind-sets of students towards establishing their own career aimed at increasing  employability of the students.

          We are conducting Personality Development Program for students based on following tips.

  1. As a student, it is all about study so they should study their own self.
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Body language depicts their attitude
  4. Bringing in their own opinion
  5. Proper planning for best performance
  6. Be a patient listener
  7. Be a loving and congenial
  8. Be an optimistic person

Market activity for Maths concept – SGVM conduct the ‘Market Activity’ for primary students, we give practical knowledge to students. According to it Some students  play the role of buyers and some play the role of sellers, For eg. Stationary shop, Grocery shop, Vegetable shop, Fruit shop etc. Where some students sell the things and some purchase the things. Sellers make the bill and purchaser pay the bill by toy currency. According to this activity our aim is to teach them the Concept of following topics:

Currency, Money, Addition, Subtraction, Profit and Loss Measurement etc.